Triyoga Meditation

Triyoga meditation taught at Triyoga shala focuses mainly on the “Asana” posture, Prana (vital breath), Mantra (sacred phonetic sound ) and Yantra (sacred geometry) to invoke the kundalini (primal energy) from the Muladhara chakra (genital) to the Sahashra chakra (the crown). The invoking of the primal energy from the genital to the crown helps one in loosening  constrictions within  the body. The smooth flow of the primal energies kundalini helps  the body to achieve clarity, reduces anxiety, increase calmness, rejuvenates and revitalises the body hormones.

Triyoga shala has designed levels of tantra meditation according to the practitioner’s needs and knowledge.

Group triyoga meditation sessions increases the effectiveness, as everyone’s energy works together as a reflection to unlock the kundalini  of the whole group. By  connecting, circulating  and sustaining  the energy of the kundalini through tantra meditation, you can access more personal power to apply in all areas of life as they are circulations of mutiple human energies.


Listed below are the courses of Triyoga shala:

  1. Viraja meditation: Viraja means pure or taint-less. Viraja meditation is performed to prepare oneself to receive the cosmic purity to enhance one’s mind, body and soul.
  2. Alphabetical meditation: Pronouncing of consonants and vowels of the ancient Sanskrit language to help and stimulate the practice of meditation.
  3. Nyasa meditation: Nyasa means “placing” or “touching” in Sanskrit.  It involves touching the various parts of the human body while reciting a mantra to activate the energy in the human body and connect it with the five elements.
  4. Chakra meditation: Meditating on your vital body chakras in phases to improve their balance in order to  bring your health and mental attitude into a more peaceful state.
  5. Yantra meditation: Yantra is derived from the word “yam” meaning holding the essence of a concept and “tra” meaning liberation from bondage. Yantra meditation involves drawing of geometrical diagrams  to withdraw consciousness from the outer world to enable the student to enter altered states of meditative consciousness.
  6. Tantra meditation: Tantra meditation is a process connecting the Mooladhara chakra  to  Anahata chakra  by the process of breath, visualizations, geometrical diagrams and human body energy.