Amrita Healing

Amrita healing  is an ancient  scientific technique which addresses the physical (body), intellectual (mind) and spiritual (soul).  The technique is practised by touching various parts of the body with bija mantras, showing of mudras and using external worship  eg. water, flowers and sandalwood paste.

Amrita healing is beneficial as it provides healing from or within the core problem of the being rather than external to allow every cell (causal), tissue (subtle) and organ (gross) of the body to be energised.

The benefits are:

  1. Instant stress relief and cleansing of the chakras.
  2. Increasing concentration, focus and alertness through meditation.
  3. Reduces anger and anxiety by allowing a pranic flow of energy through the body system.
  4. Improves vitality and acts as an anti aging from the cosmic power which is invoked   into the body.
  5. Creates a more comfortable environment for day to day life.

The Amrita healing practised at Triyoga shala under the supervision of the Acharya or a teacher is divided into 4 parts.
The courses have to be done step by step with a gap period of minimum 40 days.

  1. Angan nyasa: It involves touching various parts of the body while chanting specific portions of a mantra utilising 3 main powerful scientific phonetics.
  2. Triveni kalpa (beginner): It is a healing ritual using particular bija mantras, stotrams and mudras to activate the existing nervous system in the human body.
  3. Shakti path (intermediate): Shakti path is an ancient ritual from the Tripura Upanishads. It helps in removing bodily afflictions and transforming mental, social and spiritual status by invoking cosmic energy to activate and balance energies in our body.
  4. Shakta worship (advanced): It is invoking the five elements and mother nature in the human body with bija mantras, stotrams,  mudras, geometrical diagrams and human touch.